Purgatory Control

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Purgatory Control.jpg

Purgatory Control


(kuvassa 2,3" leveä Purgatory Control, kuvio sama 3,0" leveässä)

Koot: 650Bx3.0

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The Purgatory Control 2Bliss Ready is the standard bearer for all mountain tire performance. By applying FE Analysis to the Purgatory, we've optimized the tread to result in a faster, grippier tire for any all mountain excursion.

Casing: 60 TPI for 15% improved cut-resistance
Bead: Foldable
Butyl wrapped bead = 2Bliss Ready
Center Compound: 60a / Shoulder Compound: 50a
650b x 3.0"; Max Ride 20 psi / Max Install 35 psi; approximate weight 980g